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Eco Council

Energy and Water Saving - Jan 2020

Eco Councillors making sure our signs are in place
They remind us to turn off lights when not in use
This one is to remind us to turn off the taps

’Dragon Bags’ Clothes Recycling, Jan 2020


Dragon Bags is a free fundraising scheme that helps schools across Wales raise funds through textile recycling.  Instead of throwing our old clothes away at home, we bring them to school and put them in the big box.

We have just emptied the box again
The gentleman takes them to his van
The clothes then get weighed
The van was very full!
He gives us new bags ready to collect more clothes
The school gets money depending on the weight

Our Eco Garden Grows, September 2019

What a surprise when we returned from our holiday!
The things we planted in our garden had grown
We found different types of fruit and vegetables
It was great exploring to see what we could find
There were peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes
Some weren’t quite ready to pick
What a lovely lettuce
We were amazed at the size of this courgette

Developing Our School Grounds, June 2019

Reception classes got busy to tidy our planters
They dug up all the weeds ready for new plants
Holes were dug ready for planting
Great teamwork
Mrs Crowther was on hand to give expert advice
The results were fantastic

Our New Eco Garden, May 2019

Mrs Stanco has worked with our Eco Council
They discussed the things they wanted to grow
Looking at the things that will grow well together

May 2018 - Ysgol Y Foryd Awarded Eco Schools Green Flag 3 Award


Here are all of our important documents. Please take the time to read them and see the actions we have agreed on as a school. The Eco code is what we will follow every day in our school, the action plans show the steps we are going to take. Can you help in any way? Would you like to know more or join our Eco committee? If this is of interest to you, please contact school and make an appointment with our Eco Superheroes.