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Health and Well being

This Area of Learning focuses on children learning about themselves, their relationships with other children and adults.

They are encouraged to develop their self-esteem, their personal beliefs and moral values. 

The Foundation Phase supports the cultural identity of all children, to celebrate different cultures and help children recognise and gain a positive awareness of their own and other cultures.

Children are supported in becoming confident, competent and independent thinkers and learners. 


This Area of Learning focuses on children’s physical development. Enthusiasm and energy for movement is continually promoted through helping them to use their bodies effectively, by encouraging spatial awareness, balance, control and coordination and developing motor and manipulative skills.

Children are encouraged to enjoy physical activity and their developing sense of identity is linked closely to their own self-image, self esteem and confidence.

Children are introduced to the concepts of health, hygiene and safety and the importance of diet, rest, sleep and exercise.