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Supporting Families

Meet Mrs Maher, our Family liaison officer!


Mrs Maher is our new (2020) Family Liaison Officer (FLO) at Ysgol Y Foryd.  She is here to listen and support all of our families as and when they need it.


Mrs Maher is based in our family liaison room at school, which is situated behind the gated area next to Traed Bach. We have some amazing plans for Parent and child/baby groups but obviously at the moment, due to Covid restrictions, unfortunately we cannot start them properly yet. Mrs Maher is looking forward to starting the groups as soon as rules allow. 


The stresses of everyday life can be overwhelming for all of us and sometimes you may feel you just need to talk these through with someone. You may feel you need help with financial, social and emotional wellbeing, grief and loss, parental separation, parenting problems. Anwen will be around to help and support you all and be able to liaise with professionals and staff if needed. If you feel you would like an informal , confidential chat please feel free to Dojo message her or she can also be found around the yards on drop off and home times and you can book in with her there too. 



Many events and opportunities for families in school time

Your child has a weekly time after school for 15 minutes or so which is time for you to see the classroom, talk to the class teacher or ask a member of your child's class team a question. 

Pop in days are:

Traed Bach-Monday








COFFEE SHOP!  We hold a weekly coffee shop in our school hall run by parent members of the PTA.  It is every Friday from 2.20pm - 3pm - please come along for a chat and chill!  Classes take it in turns to host the coffee shops too.


Due to Covid-19, Pop-in days and coffee shop are not taking place currently


There are many opportunities for families to get involved with their children’s school day, and to attend a variety of groups.

Traed Bach run regular Language/Number and Play sessions throughout the year which are always well attended, where children and parents get involved with activities together in the classroom.

‘Parents Early Engagement Partnership’ have been running popular courses, with programmes full of ideas and activities to develop skills through play.

Jo Matthews has also been hosting ‘Parentalk’ courses & 'Positive Parenting' courses - a series of 6 week sessions, which cover essential topics for parents and give lots of handy tips!

Jo has also delivered ‘Eat well Spend less’ courses - also 6 sessions that are been very enjoyable – giving tips for eating healthily on a budget and practical opportunities to cook some delicious food!

Look out for other courses which will be running throughout the year.


Look out for some of these courses being available online during the current pandemic.