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Elwy (Year 2)

Welcome to Elwy.

Our teacher is Miss Palmer.

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites! 


Picture 1 A visit from the tooth fairy
Picture 2 Kimmie enjoying working outside
Picture 3 Amy enjoying working outside
Picture 4 Using Meccano to create rockets
Picture 5 Grwp Glas working together - well done!
Picture 6 Faith and Millie enjoying sketching
Picture 7 Woodland Visit
Picture 8 Woodland Visit
Picture 9 Woodland Visit
Picture 10 Woodland Visit
Picture 11 Woodland Visit
Picture 12 Woodland Visit
Picture 13 Paper Planets
Picture 14 Paper Planets
Picture 15 Rocket Building
Picture 16 Rocket Building
Picture 17 Rocket Building
Picture 18 Rocket Building
Picture 19 Science Week
Picture 20 Science Week
Picture 21 Science Week
Picture 22 Christmas Grotto
Picture 23 Delicious Christmas Dinner
Picture 24 Christmas Elves
Picture 25 Beach Visit
Picture 26 Beach Visit
Picture 27 Beach Visit
Picture 28 Dear Zoo
Picture 29 Dear Zoo
Picture 30 Dear Zoo
Picture 31 Dear Zoo
Picture 32 Dear Zoo
Picture 33 Dragon Castle
Picture 34 Dragon Castle
Picture 35 Dragon Castle
Picture 36 Outdoor Learning
Picture 37 Outdoor Learning
Picture 38 Jambori
Picture 39 Jambori
Picture 40 Jambori
Picture 41 Kimmie showing a shocked face
Picture 42 Charlie showing a happy face
Picture 43 Alfie showing an angry emotion
Picture 44 Kinetic Science Show
Picture 45 Kinetic Science Show
Picture 46 Pandemonium Theatre
Picture 47 Sharing a book in the story castle
Picture 48 Enjoying our daily reading time
Picture 49 Our new school and eco council
Picture 50 Our first gymnastics session this term
Picture 51 Megan and Charlie showing team work and mirroring
Picture 52 Lewis and his excellent balancing
Picture 53 Getting all the way to the top
Picture 54 Using equipment in our gymnastics sessions
Picture 55 Having lots of fun climbing
Picture 56 Lots of budding artists
Picture 57 Amy having fun with colour mixing
Picture 58 Lily enjoying some arty time
Picture 59 Measuring in the water area.
Picture 60 Lincoln enjoying building in the sand.
Picture 61 Having fun in the sun!