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Mathematics & Numeracy

Learning About ‘Measures’

Using Purple Mash to sort longer & shorter items
We found things taller than ourselves
The outdoor classroom is really tall
We arranged ourselves in order of height
Using the balancing scales
We found the items that were heavier & lighter


We have been learning to recognise coins
This task was to sort them into containers

Number Bonds To 5

We used different apparatus to make ‘5’
These different coloured counters helped us
Working together is a great way to learn

Sorting Using The Computer

Using Purple Mash to sort coloured objects
The computer told us if we got it right

Learning About The Concept Of Number

Our first task was to learn about number concept
We started with the number 1
We chose objects to show our understanding

First Week In Our New Class

We practised writing our numbers
Of course, we used the correct formation
Accurate counting is very important
We were very proud of ourselves
We had to concentrate to copy repeating patterns