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Otters (Reception)

Welcome to Otters.

Our teacher is Miss Horrocks.  We have lots of fun in our class and learn new things every day.
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Picture 1 Invasion of the Space Hoppers
Picture 2 Watering our plants
Picture 3 Wheee!
Picture 4 Bounce bounce bounce!
Picture 5 Bounce for books!
Picture 6 Uh oh McKenzie!
Picture 7 Recreating pictures with our magnetic shapes
Picture 8 Nous avon fait les croissants! Ooh lala!
Picture 9 Our resident biologist
Picture 10 Learning to tell the time
Picture 11 Is it dinner time yet
Picture 12 Bon appetit!
Picture 13 Drawing the Eiffel Tower
Picture 14 Investigating our class crickets
Picture 15 Cory in Top Gear
Picture 16 Another Van Gogh in the making
Picture 17 We played the double bass!
Picture 18 Working together to make music
Picture 19 They brought big string instruments
Picture 20 We showed Traed Bach how to play the instruments
Picture 21 Key strings visit
Picture 22 We really enjoyed playing the instruments
Picture 23 Key strings came to visit
Picture 24 Our Resident Van Gogh
Picture 25 Yum yum!
Picture 26 We went outside for a picnic
Picture 27 The finished goods
Picture 28 Yum yum, thats a lot of sandwiches
Picture 29 Mmm delicious!
Picture 30 We mixed the cress and eggs together
Picture 31 Adding our home grown cress
Picture 32 It feels strange!
Picture 33 Getting rid of the shells
Picture 34 The journey back from a great day out
Picture 35 Exploring the dunes
Picture 36 We can see the whole town from up here!
Picture 37 We found out lots of useful information
Picture 38 This grass is so tall! A great hiding place!
Picture 39 I wonder what lives under there
Picture 40 The builders on the beach were very noisey!
Picture 41 I hope it doesn't get too deep!
Picture 42 Having a splash!
Picture 43 Almost ready to toast Marshmallows!
Picture 44 We need the best stones for our beach art
Picture 45 Working together to make beach art
Picture 46 Searching the beach for the best stones
Picture 47 Our finished beach art!
Picture 48 A beachside masterpiece
Picture 49 Ruby builds a really colourful church
Picture 50 Ruben thinks about where the next piece should go
Picture 51 Dion's amazing cathedral
Picture 52 Callum's St David model
Picture 53 Dressing up for St David's day
Picture 54 Dewi Sant Models
Picture 55 What we thought of the second smoothie mix
Picture 56 Working together makes it easier!
Picture 57 The first batch had mixed responses
Picture 58 Mmm that looks interesting
Picture 59 Making smoothies is hard work! February 2014
Picture 60 Making our smoothies for Fairtrade week February
Picture 61 Jaunary 2014 Pattern Making
Picture 62 January 2014 Pattern Making
Picture 63 We made Christmas Cards
Picture 64 We got to see Father Christmas!
Picture 65 Visiting Father Christmas
Picture 66 Merry Christmas from Otters!
Picture 67 Father Chistmas gave us a present!
Picture 68 Posing for our calendar photoframes
Picture 69 Festive times in Otters
Picture 70 Dessing up as Father Christmas
Picture 71 We made our own decorations!
Picture 72 Decorating the school tree
Picture 73 November - Working hard in Read Write Inc
Picture 74 November - Swing it round and then go right to mak
Picture 75 November - Pudsy visits Year 2
Picture 76 November - Maths Makes Sense in the outside classr
Picture 77 November - Looking after are plants in class
Picture 78 November - Great big numbers on the playground
Picture 79 December - The finished product. Fantastic!
Picture 80 December - Ruben thinking carefully about where to
Picture 81 December - Playing together in woodland room
Picture 82 December - More glue and more glitter!
Picture 83 December - Making our Chistmas decorations
Picture 84 December - Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!
Picture 85 December - A sample from our Christmas Entrepreneu
Picture 86 October - We made playdough disciples for Jesus!
Picture 87 October - Morgan sorting out our red things
Picture 88 October - McKenzie has made a big splash in otters
Picture 89 October - Lewis working with 2D shapes
Picture 90 October - Exploring the puddles after the rain
Picture 91 October - Dictating a sentence and learning letter
Picture 92 October - Callum writing his name in the outdoor c
Picture 93 October - A friend for Jesus
Picture 94 November -Dr Luke posing for our fridge magnets
Picture 95 November - Officer Crystal on duty in Otters
Picture 96 November - Mehtaab making a rectangle out of the b
Picture 97 November - Making paint out of mud and water
Picture 98 November - Joshua on a minibeast hunt
Picture 99 November - Corey and Kai building the Tower of Lon
Picture 100 September -This is me
Picture 101 October -Playing tag outside
Picture 102 September -Discussing what we liked about our work
Picture 103 September - Having a chat with our friends next do
Picture 104 September - Matching numicon shapes to the number