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Expressive Arts

Anifeiliaid antes-pets

Can you draw a house, a tree and a person?

Fireworks for Bonfire night

We have been cutting paper cases
We made different size fireworks
Look at my fireworks
We did firework painting on PurpleMash

Purple Mash day - we gave ourselves Purple hair!

We mixed purple paint.
We put a blob of purple hair on our head.
We had to blow through the straw.
The paint strated moving.
I wonder where the paint will go.
Keep blowing.
Keep blowing!
Here we are with purple hair.

Woodland faces

Look at our funny woodland faces.
Look at our funny woodland faces.
We used different items we found in the woodland.
We had to choose carefully.

Using PurpleMash to design a fish for Billy's Bucket.

We designed a fish to add to Billy's bucket
We logged on to PurpleMash
We used the different tools
we described our fish
all our fish were different

Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen

We drew hearts on the computers
We used our fingers to paint
Dw i’n caru ti
We painted around our templates