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Expressive Arts

Work In The Style Of Wassily Kandinsky

We looked at Kindinsky’s ‘Circles’ picture
We decided to make our own versions using paper
We cut out circular shapes
Our scissor skills are getting really good
The circles has to be different sizes
We then glued the circles on top of each other
The results were fantastic
Our work will go on display in the classroom
Our artist easel is great for drawing the picture
We used different media too
This time we chose different coloured felt
They different sizes were carefully put in place
It was great to choose our own colours
They looked great

‘The Gingerbread Man’

We began our work on this story in a fun way
We decorated gingerbread men using Purple Mash
It helped develop our mouse control
We could choose the textures to use
The results were excellent
We were also able to save our work

Drawing Self Portraits On The Computer

We chose the colours carefully to match our hair.
“My picture is smiling, just like me.”
This is helping to improve our mouse control.
Great detail to make the eyes look real.
“I love my picture.”
Drawing the shape of the face was tricky.
It was great to help our friends with their work.