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Traed Bach (Nursery)

Miss Crumpton is our teacher and Mrs Brown, Mrs Taylor & Mr Burt are our teaching assistants.
Picture 1 What a lovely sash!
Picture 2 We are learning about African animals
Picture 3 In our African hut!
Picture 4 I found a mask!
Picture 5 Getting ready for Bollywood!
Picture 6 Yum yum
Picture 7 World book day
Picture 8 Where's Wally
Picture 9 We love reading together
Picture 10 Some stories are about footballers
Picture 11 Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
Picture 12 Peppa Pig at the Dentist
Picture 13 Making welsh number hats
Picture 14 Making sets
Picture 15 Harry, Dinosaur and Wally on World Book Day
Picture 16 Dyma ddraig goch RAR
Picture 17 Discovery table on world book day
Picture 18 Careful cutting
Picture 19 Busy on the board
Picture 20 Ble mae Wally
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24 We need to be careful of germs
Picture 25 We made a little poem for the birds
Picture 26 We hung them up all over the garden
Picture 27 We hope it all helps
Picture 28 We collected warm clothes to help our friends in M
Picture 29 We are good friends in Traed Bach. We love to help
Picture 30 The firefighters came to visit
Picture 31 The bird feeders were sticky and spikey
Picture 32 Thats a big bag!
Picture 33 Ready to put out our bird feeders
Picture 34 Post Officer Oliver on Duty
Picture 35 Mrs Taylor ready to look after some poorly animals
Picture 36 Looking after monkey with the vet
Picture 37 Its up so high
Picture 38 I want to be a paramedic
Picture 39 I want to be a firefighter
Picture 40 I want to be a doctor
Picture 41 Hope you stay warm Badicul Moldov
Picture 42 Enjoying some relaxing time in the water
Picture 43 Bye Jo! Take care
Picture 44 The star, Joseph, Mary and the donkey
Picture 45 The shepherds
Picture 46 Star of the show
Picture 47 Morning Christmas Perfomance
Picture 48 Afternoon Christmas Performance
Picture 49 A choir of angels
Picture 50 Talking about feelings
Picture 51 Rememberance Day
Picture 52 matching the fruits on Children in Need Day
Picture 53 How tall will it be
Picture 54 Exploring the Christmas story
Picture 55 Learning about Moldova
Picture 56 Building a beanstalk
Picture 57 Brick by brick!
Picture 58 Archie and the Beanstalk
Picture 59 Ready to save the day!
Picture 60 I put shells on my castle
Picture 61 I made a shell roof!
Picture 62 I like using the red paint
Picture 63 I crashed my castle!
Picture 64 Hmm very interesting
Picture 65 Colouring in 'The Three Little Pigs'
Picture 66 Yum! Yum!
Picture 67 Using the cutters to make a biscuit
Picture 68 I wonder where the last one went
Picture 69 Baking animal shapes
Picture 70 "I like the slide"
Picture 71 Lining up for the slide
Picture 72 Ready to go fast!
Picture 73 "Its so high up!"
Picture 74 Little feet making big steps!
Picture 75 Zoom!
Picture 76 Making new friends
Picture 77 Boo! Having fun on the train
Picture 78 Playing in the sand with our new friends
Picture 79 Pushing the trailer is hard work
Picture 80 We work hard! Even at playtime!
Picture 81 "I like the big bike"
Picture 82 Having fun in the sand with Mrs Taylor
Picture 83 Having fun on the bikes
Picture 84 Fun on the scooter
Picture 85 Having a bike ride with a friend
Picture 86 Shake shake shake! We love to make music!