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Expressive Arts

Bird Cages

As part of our ‘Animals’ topic we made bird cages
We chose how we would decorate them
We also made a bird to go inside our cages
We were very proud of our work

Christmas Themed Art & Craft Activities

Artist of the Moment: ‘Kandinsky’

Carefully painting concentric circles.
Looking just like Kandinsky’s work.
Full concentration.
Kandinsky artwork on the floor too.
Choosing the colours we want to use.
Carefully drawing around the circles.
Carefully drawing around the circles.

Making Sea Creatures Found In ‘Billy’s Bucket’

Firework And Bonfire Themed Artwork

Composing Our Own Music

Using Purple Mash ‘2Explore’ to make our own music
Selecting the sounds in our music.
It was great to hear what we made.
The pictures helped us to recognise the sounds.
It was great fun!