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Health & Well Being

Balance Bikes

The Conwy fitness team brought some balance bikes
We put on our helmets to keep us protected
We couldn’t wait to start
We lined up on our balance bikes
We had to navigate through some small gaps
Keeping low to get under the obstacle

Health And Well Being Week

Our week began with a visit from Mark.
He came to talk to us about Disability Sport Wales
He brought along a special wheelchair.
We had a go at moving around in the wheelchair.
We could go forwards and backwards.
We could also make it turn.  It was great fun.
Mark also taught us how to play Boccia.
In class we spoke about healthy & unhealthy foods.
We had to sort them into 2 groups.
We then played a game to show how germs spread.
We sat in a circle and shook painted hands.
The paint spread to our friends, just like germs.
‘Kick It Chris’ came to play some fun games.
He taught us how to play Stuck In The Mud.
It was a bit like playing Tag.

First Week In Our New Class

We made new friends in our new class.
Playing together and sharing our toys.
Great teamwork to solve this puzzle.
Showing our friends how to build with the magnets.
We love using the balance bikes to keep fit.
We always wear a crash helmet on the bikes.