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Mathematics & Numeracy


Using blocks to learn about repeating patterns
We also used our little bers
This is a very interesting repeating pattern
This one uses 3 different colours
This Kingfisher is very proud of his work
A repeating pattern using pictures of picnic food

3D Shape

To help us learn about 3D shape we built models
We tried to name the shapes
We also counted the different shapes
We used cubes and cuboids
"I used 11 cubes and 1 cuboid"
It really helped us to learn about 3D shapes


This was our first work on ‘symmetry’ in Reception
We made symmetrical pictures with the Numicon
Lego is a fab way to make symmetrical pictures too
The blocks were carefully placed on the baseboard
We even made 3D pictures
 The middle line is called the ‘line of symmery’
The colours on each side were the same
It really made us think carefully

Sorting Into Groups

This activity helped us to learn about ‘sorting’
We had to sort the objects into 2 groups...
...whether we thought they would float or sink
Later we check our predictions in the water trough


We have been learning how to use balancing scales
They can be used to compare the weight of objects
Working with a partner is great fun
We helped each other to complete the task
It was great to experiment with the scales
Great mathematicians at work
“The heavier side goes down”
“We found the heaviest object”


We have been making money totals with coins
We had to count them to make different amounts

Outdoor Number Formation

We went outside to practise writing our numbers
There were great places to write on
We wrote in some very awkward places
The clock face went from 1 to 12
We also wrote on the snakes and ladders board
Our number formation is getting better every day

Learning About Addition

We have been learning to add numbers together
We used objects to help us
We placed objects to match the numbers
Then we put them together and counted them
We were very proud of our work
Writing our answers
“I did it”
We pointed to each object as we counted
We played an outdoor game where we had to add up

Using ICT To Support Our Learning

The RM Maths program is used every day
It helps to keep our maths skills sharp
We login to the program by ourselves
There are games to play and questions to answer
We play lots of maths games on our iPads

Ordering Numbers

We have been reading ‘Jack & The Beanstalk’
We made our own number beanstalks
The numbers were carefully placed in our books
The numbers had to go up in the right order
It was great working alongside our friends
We were very proud of our work

Learning About Measure

We had to measure the giant's footprint!
We chose what we would use to measure it
We also measured our own footprint
Counting carefully and accurately
Making sure we touch each block as we count
Making sure the blocks are the same as the foot
Our counting skills are fantastic
Some of us took off our shoes to measure
It was a really fun activity

First Week In Our New Class

Using different shapes to make lovely pictures.
We can use geoboards to make different shapes.
I am very proud of my picture.
We showed off our accurate counting skills.
We practised the writing of the numbers 0-9.
Great number formation!
Sorting the teddy bears according to their colour.