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Science & Technology

Food Technology - Making Pancakes

Food Technology - Making Pancakes 1 It was Pancake Day so we went into the kitchen
Food Technology - Making Pancakes 2 We helped Mrs Crowther to add the ingredients
Food Technology - Making Pancakes 3 They had to be mixed really well
Food Technology - Making Pancakes 4 The cooker was hot so we had to be careful
Food Technology - Making Pancakes 5 The finished pancakes
Food Technology - Making Pancakes 6 They tasted really good
Food Technology - Making Pancakes 7 There were smiles all around

Sources Of Light

Sources Of Light 1 We have been learning about sources of light
Sources Of Light 2 This task was to sort them into 2 groups
Sources Of Light 3 The groups were ‘natural’ and ‘man-made’
Sources Of Light 4 We love learning about science

Minecraft EDU

Minecraft EDU 1 The educational version of Minecraft is fantastic!
Minecraft EDU 2 It helps us to improve our mouse control
Minecraft EDU 3 We all play together in the same game
Minecraft EDU 4 We work together to help each other too
Minecraft EDU 5 Exploring the different worlds is great fun

Making Rockets

Still image for this video
Mr Patterson showed us how we can make a rocket with a balloon, a straw and a piece of string. We then had a go at making our own rockets...

  1 Mrs Crowther helped us to make our rockets
  2 The air from the balloon made them move
  3 The force pushed them very fast
  4 It was great to watch our rockets fly
  5 Great IT skills! We took these photos ourselves

Logging In To Purple Mash

Logging In To Purple Mash 1 Mr Patterson gave us our account login details
Logging In To Purple Mash 2 We have been learning how to login by ourselves
Logging In To Purple Mash 3 Creating our own avatars is great fun