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Minibeast Hunt

Minibeast Hunt 1 We went outside on the hunt for minibeasts
Minibeast Hunt 2 Searching in the greenery
Minibeast Hunt 3 Our tick sheet showed what we had found
Minibeast Hunt 4 Great teamwork
Minibeast Hunt 5 There were lots of woodlice on this log
Minibeast Hunt 6 It was great to look at what we had found
Minibeast Hunt 7 They looked fantastic under magnification

Learning To Use The Webcam

Learning To Use The Webcam 1 We used the Purple Mash ‘Mashcams’ program
Learning To Use The Webcam 2 We chose what we wanted to be when we get older
Learning To Use The Webcam 3 We made sure our face was in the middle
Learning To Use The Webcam 4 “Guess what I wants to be”
Learning To Use The Webcam 5 “A spaceman!”
Learning To Use The Webcam 6 “I want to be a policeman”

Making Predictions

Making Predictions 1 Would the items float or sink?
Making Predictions 2 We made our predictions and sorted the objects
Making Predictions 3 We worked as a team and discussed our choices
Making Predictions 4 We agreed on some items and disagreed on others
Making Predictions 5 We couldn’t wait to test our predictions...
Making Predictions 6 we headed to the water trough
Making Predictions 7 The items were placed into the water
Making Predictions 8 We found out whether our predictions were correct
Making Predictions 9 It was great fun
Making Predictions 10 We love being scientists

Coding With Beebot

Coding With Beebot 1 We used Beebot to help us to learn how to code
Coding With Beebot 2 He has buttons to program his movements
Coding With Beebot 3 He can go forwards, backwards and also turn
Coding With Beebot 4 Our algorithm determines where he moves
Coding With Beebot 5 We use the street mat to plan his route
Coding With Beebot 6 It is great to watch him go

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Using The Camera On The iPad

Using The Camera On The iPad 1 Taking photos of our construction work
Using The Camera On The iPad 2 We have been learning how to scan QR codes

Learning With Minecraft

Learning With Minecraft 1 Mr Patterson has taught us the basics of Minecraft
Learning With Minecraft 2 We use a special educational version
Learning With Minecraft 3 We love playing multiplayer games with our friends
Learning With Minecraft 4 Watch this space for more details of how we use it

Making Balloon Rockets

Making Balloon Rockets 1 We made rockets out of balloons
Making Balloon Rockets 2 They were pumped up and stuck to a straw
Making Balloon Rockets 3 String was then threaded through the straw
Making Balloon Rockets 4 As the balloons deflated they took off
Making Balloon Rockets 5 Watching them was great fun
Making Balloon Rockets 6 It was a great science activity