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Sports Day

Sports Day 1 We always look forward to Sports Day
Sports Day 2 We enjoy competing for our school houses
Sports Day 3 The bibs we wore represent the houses we are in
Sports Day 4 This is the bat and beanbag race
Sports Day 5 Mr Patterson blew his whistle to start each race
Sports Day 6 We all clapped for each other as we raced
Sports Day 7 Points were given for the first 3 places
Sports Day 8 It was great to see so many Mums and Dads watching
Sports Day 9 At the end of the day we all received certificates

Working Collaboratively With Minecraft

Working Collaboratively With Minecraft 1 Mr Patterson has taught us the basics of Minecraft
Working Collaboratively With Minecraft 2 We had to build houses in the same community
Working Collaboratively With Minecraft 3 It was important to respect each others’ work
Working Collaboratively With Minecraft 4 We enjoyed exploring our friends’ houses
Working Collaboratively With Minecraft 5 The results were fantastic!

People Who Help Us

People Who Help Us 1 PC Catrin recently visited us
People Who Help Us 2 She talked about her special uniform
People Who Help Us 3 This is her police radio
People Who Help Us 4 We talked about the other emergency services
People Who Help Us 5 These are her handcuffs
People Who Help Us 6 Luckily, Catrin brought the keys!