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Trip To Greenacres Animal Park

We arrived at the park and went exploring
This is the wolf enclosure
We loved the emus
This horse was very friendly
We didn’t want to get too close to this one!
Enjoying our lunch in the marquee
We also got to play in the playground
The slide was fantastic
Next up was the tractor ride
The driver fed the animals along the way
Then we fed the goats in ‘Pets Corner’
We loved stroking the animals

Woodland Walk (Eco Garden)

We needed sticks and twigs for our eco garden
We searched in the Maes Owen woodland area
Great teamwork was needed
“This is a good one”
It was great fun

Travelling And Transport - The Police

Our spring term topic is ‘Travelling & Transport’
We were visited by the police force
They brought one of their cars to show us
It was great to sit in the back
The seats weren’t comfy at all!
The rear doors had no handles on the inside
Trying on a real police hat was great fun
We tried on a real police jacket too
“How do I look?”
We also sat in the front of the car
The sirens were turned on and were very loud

Remembrance Day

We each made a poppy using craft materials
We ‘planted’ our poppies in the school garden
The poppies looked beautiful
We were very proud of what we had done

Woodland Walk

We set off on our walk to the Maes Owen woodland
Along the way we stopped off to look at some trees
Mrs Crowther told us what type of trees they were
We looked carefully at the bark on the trees
We also saw a huge footprint! Was it the Giant’s?
At the woodland we saw lots of fallen leaves
This is a pretty one
This is when we looked under some logs
There was also a willow tunnel
We all managed to fit inside it
We had a wonderful afternoon
On the way back we stopped at the play area too