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Traed Bach (Nursery)

We're making patterns
We're Famous
Watering the trees
Watering the trees 6
Watering the trees 5
Watering the trees 4
Watering the trees 3
Watering the trees 2
Vet Roleplay Area
The start of the tower
St David's Day Creativity
Rescuing the Ducks - Numeracy
Rescuing the Ducks - Numeracy 2
Painting Easter Eggs 2
Painting Easter Eggs 1
On the Climbing frame
On the Climbing frame 4
On the climbing frame 3
On the Climbing Frame 2
Marking Making Station
Making Biscuits 2
Making Biscuits 1
Look how big its grown
Knowledge and Understanding Smelly Pots
Knowledge and Understanding Smelly Pots 2
Investigating a Spider
Im making a tower
ICT Making Aliens
ICT - Using BeeBots
I made it balance
I made a stickman
I made a snake
I did it
Healthy Eating
Handa's Surprise
Future Engineers
Easter Parade Winners AM
Easter Parade Hats
Easter Hat Parade PM
Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Hunt 4
Easter Egg Hunt 3
Easter Egg Hunt 2
Easter Egg Hats PM
Discovery Table
Another tower builder
Careful tower building
Caring for our plants
Creative Collaborations 2
Creative Collaborations
Design Technology
St Davids Day
What shall I build
An extra special day for some!
Enjoying Number and Play with Nana
Fantastic Artwork
I am finger painting to make into a fan
I can go really fast!
I did it!
I know our Y Foryd values
I like playing with the trains
I like the scooters
I wonder whats over here
Icy writing in the snow
Its all gloopy
Look at my pattern
Making friends on the train
On the swing with friends
Our National Welsh Outfits
St David's Day AM
St David's Day AM
St David's Day AM
St David's Day AM
Trying to get this circuit to work
We are learning to read
We are so good with the Whiteboard
We love colouring
We will be making these into Chinese fans
Where will we go next
Would you like a cup of tea