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Traed Bach (Nursery)

Miss Crumpton is our teacher and Mrs Brown, Mrs Taylor & Mr Burt are our teaching assistants.
'Working hard' writing our numbers
I got to see Father Christmas
Im so excited
Its a special day in Traed Bach
Look! I made a flower
Look at my stencil work!
Look at our Smiley Faces
Look at us in our Christmas clothes
Lots of dancing
Oscar built a car
Oscar's car design
Our St. David's Day concert
Playing pass the parcel
Reading with Irene and Jazz
Respecting others week - Aren't we good!
Respecting others week - Good job!
Respecting others week - High fiving friends
Respecting others week - Smiling friends
Respecting others week - We always show respect to
Respecting others week - We are good friends
Respecting others week - We made badges to show ho
Selecting the correct tools is tricky
Seeing Santa was great
Smiley faces for Well Being Day
Spending time with Jazz
The building begins
This is the fairtrade logo
This one is a tricky shape
Tocyn Iaith
Traditional Welsh Costumes
Using Numicon I made a tiger!
Very careful threading
Want a hug Mrs Findlay
We are learning about fair trade
We are making pictures in the style of Kandinsky
We are sculptors in Traed Bach
We are very creative in Traed Bach
We don't just read books, we make them too!
We like to help our friends
We love messy fun!
We love the shaving foam!
We made a playdoh spider
We took outside photos
We went to see Father Christmas
Weaving with mum
Working hard with nanny
Working on our fine motor skills
Working together to make a robot!
'I'm giving the bike a go'
'Look at me, I can do it'
'My arms are strong, look'
A self portrait
Autumn books - I'm going to read this to mummy!
Biscuit making on Children in Need day
Blast off
Fruit taste testing - The apple gets a thumbs up!
Fruit taste testing
Fruit tasting - The banana was good!
Harvest time - Banana hat
Harvest time - Pleased with our work
Harvest time hats and mark making
Harvest time hats
Having fun on our new climbing frame
Having fun with bubbles
Hurray for Traed Bach
I'm making a necklace
I'm so high up
I made a book!
I made a hat!
I've been writing 0
I've been writing 1
I want to be a police officer when I grow up
I wrote a 0 and now my hands are messy!
Learning about Bonfire night
Leisure centre - Build a 6 piece tower, easy peasy
Leisure Centre - Enjoying soft play
Leisure centre - Having a chill and chat
Leisure centre - I'm going across the bridge
Leisure centre - My duck goes super fast!
Leisure centre - Who wants a game of football!
Lesiure centre - i'm building a house
Mae traed bach yn draed prysur (Little Feet are bu
More of our Kandinsky work
My family
One of our many future artists
Our very own Pudsy!
So much space to play
This place is so big
We are good at concentrating
We love our new school
We love riding the bikes
We love the slide
We love to paint