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Health & Well Being

Our ‘Come Dine’ Event

Our ‘Come Dine’ event was very well attended
It was great to eat alongside our Mums and Dads
The food was excellent
It was great to chat with our friends’ families

Health And Well Being Week

Our week started with a visit from ‘Kick It Chris’
We had to listen carefully to his instructions
He asked us to make low shapes
Playing a game of ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’
Mrs Davies introduced us to Alan the alien
Alan only likes to eat healthy food
The unhealthy ones went in the bin
Learning about how much sugar is in different food
We learned about the foods that are good for us
We used scissors to cut them out
They were stuck inside our tummies!
These are the ones I like

First Week In Our New Class

It was great to see our friends again
We got the chance to explore our new classroom
There were number puzzles to solve
There was a creative activity to do as well
Snack time in our new reception class
Using our small world equipment
Sharpening our maths skills with the computer
We love to use our pencil control skills
Making fun characters with the ‘mix and match’ set
We learned how to log in to Purple Mash
Making our own avatars was great fun
We made them look just like we do
Adding hats made it even more fun